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Expert-led courses

Keep up with the pace of change with thousands of expert-led, in-depth courses.

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Pluralsight IQ

Validate skill levels with assessments that take 5 minutes or less.

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Guided learning

Measure progress towards business objectives and learning goals.

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Hands-on learning

Practice and apply knowledge faster in real-world scenarios with projects and interactive courses.
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*10 days free (up to 200 minutes)

A few frequently asked questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel, but why would you want to?

Will I be charged now for a free trial?

No, we won't charge you at this time. However, there is a $1 USD hold that is immediately released. You may see a charge of $1 on your account, but it will be reversed. After your trial ends, we'll use this information to create your account, so you can continue to build new skills with uninterrupted access to our platform.

What are Pluralsight business plans?

Businesses of all sizes - from small shops to large enterprises - purchase these plans, with other tools to effectively grow and measure skills and track progress. In addition to all the features that come with personal plans, business plans include easy group management, in-depth reporting on usage and skills growth, SSO and more.

How does a Pluralsight subscription work?

It's simple. When you sign up, you'll immediately have unlimited viewing of thousands of expert courses, paths to guide your learning, tools to measure your skills and hands-on resources like exercise files. There’s no limit on what you can learn and you can cancel at any time.

How long is my personal free trial?

When you sign up for a trial, you will receive 10 days or 200 minutes of viewing -- whichever comes first. If you trial is not canceled within the 10 days, the trial will convert to a paid subscription that will auto-renew until the subscription is canceled. Click here for more information on our trials. 

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